Payroll Outsourcing is Simple

Outsourcing to a professional, online payroll bureau takes all the hassle out of payroll management.

There is no need for any hardware or software on-site (or costly software renewals), and no payroll department to manage internally. You minimise the risk of fines associated with non-compliance, and there is no need to track and implement changes in payroll legislation and statutory requirements. Basically, by outsourcing your payroll commitments, you get all of the benefits of an internal payroll department without the responsibility or overheads. You’re also completely in control of the costs; you’ll be able to account for them upfront with no hidden surprises – this makes forecasting much easier.

Whether you’re an SMEs with 1-5 employees or a larger organisation with thousands of employees and multiple locations, our managed payroll solution can help. FRS Payroll will fully manage all of the obligations surrounding your payroll requirements and responsibilities, which enables you to focus on your core business activities.


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