Auto Enrolment

There are many benefits to handing over the complexities of auto enrolment to a professional payroll services bureau.

You can eliminate the need to train staff on auto enrolment and all of the ongoing reporting and assessment. Allowing FRS Payroll to handle your auto enrolment programme can give you peace of mind that your business is compliant and minimises the risk of any regulatory fines.

How FRS Can Help Your Company with Auto Enrolment
We can support your auto enrolment program in one of two ways: processing or processing and communication.

Processing Auto Enrolment
FRS Payroll will set up pension information within the payroll system, including pensionable and qualified earnings, postponement periods and scheme codes. We will complete the assessment forms for your employees on your behalf, assigning the correct worker category. We will also issue refunds of contributions for employees who have chosen to opt out. A record is kept of the date of opt out so that the employee can be automatically re-enrolled in three years time if required. FRS Payroll will generate a pension output report for every pay period, which provides you with details of each employee’s pension scheme if they should have any questions. From this, you will also know the correct amount of contributions received by direct debit.

Processing and Communication of Auto Enrolment
In addition to the above, FRS Payroll will create and publish all pension information and communications to a secure portal. From here, each employee can log in and print their information, including historical payslips. The portal is secure and available 24/7. It is also password protected and meets all UK data protection laws.


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